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Abstract Logix


103 Saraband Drive
Cary, NC 27513
ph. 919-625-3846
em. info@abstractlogix.com


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Abstract Logix

AbstractLogix was launched by Souvik Dutta as a non-commercial music site in 2002. Its only driving force was Souvik’s love of all types of music.

In 2003, Dutta decided he wanted to become more a part of the music scene he so admired. With the well wishes and assistance from many of the musicians, business people and new friends he had met over the previous years, Souvik created the AbstractLogix commercial entity in 2003.

Since then, the site has offered a truly eclectic selection of CDs, DVDs, books and services that has made it one of the fastest growing commercial music sites on the Internet. In 2004, AbstractLogix signed distribution and retail agreement to promote John McLaughlin’s Revolutionary Guitar Instruction DVD called This is the Way I Do it for the Americas and Japan after providing on site Merchandising during the Remember Shakti tour in Fall 2003.

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